Glass Washers

For spotless glassware every time, Foodservice Superstore offers you a line of glass washers that deliver outstanding performance and reliability. These glass washers are durable and long lasting, designed to be fully submerged and clean your glassware quickly. For the models we have that cannot be submerged, the motor sits just about the water line, and still gets your glassware cleaner than ever before.

Our commercial glass washers feature a heavy duty stainless steel construction, with a variety of spinning brushes that remove soils, pulp from fruits and lipstick, leaving your glasses crystal clear. We offer a variety of options, from three to five brush models with various brush lengths, to fully or partially submerged motors. We also offer manual and electric glass washer models as well. Whatever model you choose, they are sure to install quickly and easily in your sink so you can start enjoying crystal clear glasses. These glass washers clean pint glasses, water glasses and more. Depending on your glass washing needs and preferences, we have a large selection for you to choose from. We also offer a wide range of replacement brushes and parts for easy maintenance.

Whether it's for a bar or commercial kitchen, you will find the right glass washer at Foodservice Superstore!