Ice Machines and Bins

There are different uses for ice in your business - beverages, food storage, buffet tables, and bartending to name a few - and Foodservice Superstore can work with you to identify the best ice machine to meet your needs. Whether you need cubes, nuggets, flakes, or any other type of specialty ice, there are commercial ice machines for every foodservice operation, including restaurants, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, lodging, schools, and offices

If you're using ice mainly to cool beverages, you can opt for a variety of different cube styles such as full dice, half dice, crescent, and others. Bartenders often prefer cubes when pouring liquor drinks, and scotch connoisseurs who favor ice will certainly want cubes. Nugget ice is usually used in carbonated sodas, and many customers like the texture (it's chewable). Also called pellet ice, nugget ice may also help you reduce beverage costs because you can add less product to the glass. Nugget ice production also uses less water and energy than cube ice. Blended drinks can be whipped up smoother and more quickly with flaked ice, a slow-melting form that's also utilized in hospital/healthcare settings

Ice machines use air or water to cool their compressor and condenser. Air-cooled ice machines are often easier to install, however, water-cooled machines offer other advantages. Water-cooled ice machines have a quiet operation and use less electricity. Water-cooled machines must comply with local regulations and may need to be designed so that no water is expelled into the drain. Another option is a remote unit, where the condenser is located away from the main unit so that heat output and noise are not a problem. Remote equipment is often a good choice for restaurants and other places where space is tight. The condenser may be located away from the main area - sometimes even on the roof

One of the most important factors when choosing an ice machine is the amount of ice you need. You'll want to have the ability to produce enough ice to meet your most demanding days. When sizing an ice machine you'll need to take into consideration the air temperature of the location because warmer temperatures will diminish capacity of ice production. Check the machine specifications to find out the optimal air temperature. Remember to keep in mind all the uses that you have for ice. Many restaurants require more than one ice machine because they have different needs for ice both in the front and back of the house.

Once ice is produced it needs to be properly preserved. Some ice machines include a bin that stores the ice. Other machines are designed solely for ice production and you'll need a separate bin for storage. Modular machines and bins can be fitted to work together. Bin storage capacity is a consideration when choosing an ice machine and bin combo. Storage bins come in a variety of styles and sizes and can operate alone or in conjunction with ice machines. Bins generally range from a capacity of 230 pounds of ice up to more than 1,600 pounds. Quick-service restaurants will likely offer customers self-service beverages that require a countertop dispenser or combo unit that guests can operate easily. Flakers make flaked ice which is often used in buffets and hospitals. Consider adding a filtration system to the water input line to produce high-quality ice

A new ice cube machine will improve your beverage service and make ice use easier and more efficient for both your guests and employees. At Foodservice Superstore we offer a selection of ice machines to fulfill your specific requirements including top brands such as Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic. Contact a Foodservice Superstore representative today to assist in choosing and sizing an ice machine for your establishment.