Bar Mats & Linings

Your bar is a crowded, busy place, and spills are commonplace. Whenever there is a spill, it will make your bar top and even your floors slippery, which increases the risk of a broken glass or another ruined drink. Not only will that lower the safety or the work area for your servers and your patrons, but it also eats at your profits. Having a bar mat keeps your bar clean by reducing spills and containing the ones that do occur. Bar Maid, Spill Stop, Carlisle, San Jamar, and others are just a few brand names we offer you here at Foodservice Superstore for quality bar mats.

Ideal for countertops, shelves, bar rails and more, our bar mats are a versatile way to keep your bar clean and safe. Bar mats raise the work surface so if there is a spill, any liquids will fall between the holes and spaces between the plastic, making it easier to clean up, and also allows your bartender to focus on making drinks during big rushes. We offer a wide selection of lightweight, durable bar mats with various designs, colors and shapes. They can be easily cut to fit any shape, covering even the corners of your bar top and countertops. Their designs allows for superior airflow, and moisture drainage for faster drying.

Bar liners provide skid resistance and high impact absorption for glassware to help drying and prevent bacteria. They help to prevent chipping and breakage by clinging to bar glasses and bottles, not allowing them to move. They are also able to be cut with scissors so it will fit your setup beautifully.

Keep your bar clean with our selection of bar mats and bar lining.

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10 Item(s)