Bottle and Can Openers

Bottle openers are a necessity for any bartender to have at all times, and they are a staple for every bar or nightclub. Foodservice Superstore offers a wide variety of hand held or wall mounted bottle and can openers to suit any situation at your foodservice or bar establishment.

Our bottle openers and can openers come in a variety of shapes, and styles. Our handheld bottle openers are make of stainless steel, nickel plated steel, or chrome plated steel, and their handy size fits right in the bartenders' pocket for quick and easy bottle opening. Many of the handheld bottle openers also come with a can opener end, which allows you to open cans of tomato, pineapple and other juices for mixed drinks.

We also offer wall mounted bottle openers that are perfect for patios or busy bars, helping you serve drinks faster. Wall mounted bottle openers come with a cap catch, to make sure your establishment stays clean and organized. We also sell the cap catchers by themselves, so whether you are replacing one, or just need an extra one, we have you covered.

With top brand names like Tablecraft, Spill Stop, American Metalcraft, and more, at Foodservice Superstore you will always find what you need at the very best prices, and our selection of bottle and can openers is no exception.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)