Bottle Brushes

Maintaining cleanliness should be a top priority in any type of food and drink establishment. Any bar owner knows that clean glasses are essential in keeping patrons happy and ordering more drinks. At Foodservice Superstore we offer a selection of versatile bottle brushes for the delicate cleaning of jars, bottles, and glasses.

Bottle brushes come in various lengths to make sure that no matter what you are scrubbing, the job will be done right. The handles are also easy to grip, so even the hard to reach places will be cleaned easily. Made from FDA materials, the handles are plastic and resistant to bacteria. With different size and style of cleaning heads, you will be able to clean everything from deep bottles, carafes, jars, and all of your glasses like wine glasses, shot glasses, pilsners and more.

These brushes are so versatile, they can even clean commercial kitchen equipment like steam kettles, vats, beverage servers and dispensers, and pots and pans. The bristles are made of durable polyester, tough enough to get your glasses clean, but gentle enough not to scratch them.

Your restaurant, nightclub, or bar goes through many, many glasses per night, and keeping them clean is easy with a bar brush from Foodservice Superstore.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)