Disposable Bartending Supplies

Having the right disposable bartending supplies in your bar is the key to success. Foodservice Superstore's wide selection of bartending disposables will help your restaurant, cafe, bar or nightclub keep all of your thirsty patrons happy and comfortable.

A must-have for any busy bar, restaurant, and drinking establishment, we carry a wide selection of beverage napkins from all the top vendors. Perfect for any occasion, our beverage napkins come in a variety of colors that can match any decor.

Coasters are a necessity for keeping your bar counter and table tops protected from water marks. Great for use under beer mugs or sodas, our selection of disposable coasters are an excellent addition to any establishment where drinks are served.

Blended and mixed drinks are in demand at any bar, restaurant or upscale club, so make sure you have a good supply of food and beverage picks and toothpicks for putting your olives, fruits and garnishes in your cocktails. Also, you need small sip and stir sticks for drinks like run and coke, while for other larger drinks like soda, we offer larger straws so your patrons can enjoy their beverage without the risk of spilling it.

Many night clubs and bars offer appetizers and finger foods to go with their signature drinks, like nachos and buffalo wings. Customers will want to have clean hands to play pool or darts, or to just continue the night after eating. We also offer wet naps so your patrons can quickly and easily clean their hands and faces without soap and water.

At Foodservice Superstore, we understand all the needs you have for disposable bartending supplies to keep serving thirsty patrons, and keep your services running smoothly and quickly.