Chemicals and Cleaners

Keep your bar up to health codes with our selection of chemicals and cleaners. Foodservice Superstore has everything you need to keep your glasses, beer lines, ice machines, and more clean and clear of all contaminants. We work with top manufacturers like Hoshizaki, Don Stevens, and National Chemicals, the experts in chemicals and cleaners.

We have a great selection of bar glass cleaners to sanitize effectively your beer glasses and other bar glasses. Make sure the beer you serve tastes and looks it's best using our lab tested cleaning systems. Designed for 3-compartment sinks, our bar glass cleaners are formulas that will clean in hard or soft water whether hot or cold. Don't just clean your glasses, but the beer taps and lines that are used on a nightly basis also need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly. We offer a selection of tap and line cleaners to take on heavily soiled, case-hardened and problematic beer lines. They are designed to quickly clean plastic, stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel, and rubber without damage.

Ice machines are a staple of every bar and restaurant. From drinks like margaritas, rum and coke, daiquiris, long island iced tea, and more, your establishment needs a steady supply of clean, fresh ice to put in drinks, or to make blended drinks. Keep your ice tasting, and smelling fresh and clear with one of our ice machine cleaners. Our cleaners will rid your ice machine lines of lime, hard water build-up, algae growth and more to prevent bacterial growth and keep your machine sanitary.