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  • High Temp vs Low Temp Dishwashers

    The difference between high temp vs low temp dishwashers can make a big difference in a busy restaurant. Knowing the ways that they are different and what you expect out of commercial dishwasher can save you the headache of ending up with a machine that can’t keep up with your business. High Temp Dishwashers

      High temp dishwashers are defined as having a 160-degree w...Continue Reading

  • Ways You Can Cook with a Dutch Oven

    Dutch ovens may seem like an old fashioned, almost primitive type of cookware, but they are in fact one of the most useful and versatile cooking tools in the kitchen. They are a very low energy way of cooking with their cast iron construction that creates and holds heat very well inside, giving them the name “oven.” With a steady supply of low heat, Dutch ovens can cook a fu...Continue Reading

  • Infographic Commercial Equipment Plugs

    Use this handy guide to match the configuration of commercial equipment plugs to their NEMA number, amperage, voltage, and phase. This information is crucial when buying a new piece of kitchen equipment!     Read our blog post Amps, Volts, Watts, Phase: Restaurant Equipment Electrical Explained for a full explanation of these terms.

    ...Continue Reading
  • How to Clean Commercial Ovens

    Cleaning the oven in a commercial kitchen is a crucial piece of the maintenance routine. A poorly cared for oven can actually effect the way food cooked in it tastes. By giving your oven a daily cleaning you can be sure that both health codes are met and that the food cooked in it will taste the way it should. Knowing how to clean commercial ovens in general and what specific ti...Continue Reading

  • Best Practices for Handling Raw Food Safely

    Being aware of and utilizing the best practices for handling raw food safely can mean the difference between a lovely meal and unintentionally spreading dangerous viruses or bacteria. Not only would your dinner guests be rather upset if you failed to follow safe preparation guidelines, but for restaurant owners, it could mean lawsuits and even the forced closure of your restaura...Continue Reading

  • Kitchen Knife Construction Guide

    Understanding kitchen knife construction is essential to being able to find a knife that is both well-constructed and will fit your needs. Let us guide you through the various industry terms relating to knife construction and explain why they will matter when selecting the right knife for you. Once you understand which blade type is strongest and which type of handle will be bet...Continue Reading

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