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  • How to Clean a Deep Fryer in the Restaurant

    We have all been there, you sit down at a restaurant, order some wings and French fries, and wait with hungry anticipation until they arrive. Finally, your order is brought out and you put the first bite in your mouth. After a few seconds though, you realize something is off. The French fries are limp, wings are not crisp, and your food tastes distinctly like a deep fryer.  ...Continue Reading

  • What is Kitchen Sharing?

    What is Kitchen Sharing?

    You may have heard about the economic trend often called the “sharing economy.” It is the idea of using common resources among many people, usually expensive resources (like a car or a house) that instead of purchasing themselves, many individuals share for a fraction of the cost.   This sharing economy trend has now reached commercial kitch...Continue Reading

  • 5 Tips for a More Profitable Menu Design

    So you’ve carefully designed and developed the dishes you’d like to put on your menu. You’ve got a few classic dishes, some vegetarian plates, a handful of gourmet entrees and a number of great appetizers. You write it up, print it onto a menu, and go about your business. A week or so later though, you realize that more than half of your dinner orders are for the cheapest ...Continue Reading

  • Guide to Commercial Freezers

    In the restaurant kitchen, commercial freezers are an essential part of day-to-day operations and long term planning. Not only can restaurants expand their menus to include frozen foods but a good freezer allows restaurants to buy in bulk and plan for the future by being able to store perishable ingredients safely.   Commercial freezers come in a number of different shapes ...Continue Reading

  • Making Your Restaurant Kid Friendly

    Making your restaurant kid friendly is beneficial for both you and your guests. Taking some steps to make your restaurant comfortable for parent and child alike means larger parties and increased business for you, and a more enjoyable and stress free meal for your patrons with children. A few often over-looked considerations can go a long way for your customers. Follow these ste...Continue Reading

  • How to Use a Stovetop Espresso Maker, or Moka Pot

    You may have started spotting a funky little stovetop espresso maker more and more frequently in the U.S. in recent years. Also called moka pots, these espresso makers are small, sit on a stovetop, and make about 2 cups of espresso in a matter of minutes. They have been widely used in Europe (namely Italy and Spain) and parts of Latin America for decades but are just now making ...Continue Reading

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