Amazon Getting Into Food Delivery

Here's something that may spark a lot of restaurants to buy some new equipment. Amazon is testing out a new food delivery service through its mobile app. If you live in Seattle and you're subscribed to Prime Now, you can order delivery from several different restaurants in the area. Right now the service is free, but it is expected that Amazon will tack on a delivery fee as it expands the service out to other areas of the country.

Will Amazon's fleet of delivery drivers change the face of take-out? There are several apps out there already that are trying to horn in on the delivery market, but Amazon's clout may push many of them out. These delivery services handle everything from fast food to fine dining delivery. While we doubt that these will ever replace going out for a restaurant experience, restaurants may have to quickly learn how to deal with the extra volume if they sign on to one of these services. More grills and fryers anyone?

Who knows what the next shift in delivery will be? Will we have drone delivery of our Big Macs? All we can do is wait and find out. If you're lucky enough to live in a city with Amazon Prime Now, keep an eye out for future expansions of this project.


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