American Restaurant Celebrates 175 Years in Business

Most restaurants fail within the first few years. It takes something truly special for a restaurant to last for 175! Antoine's in New Orleans is one of the oldest running restaurants in the US. They recently celebrated their 175th anniversary with a series of events including a free block party. The festivities were held over a week from the 28th of September to the 4th of October.

The restaurant is in the French Quarter of the city and has been running since 1840. Another chef from a venerable restaurant, Chef Billy Oliva from Delmonico's Restaurant in New York, was on hand to help cook for the different functions that were happening during the celebrations. He and Antoine's Executive Chef Mike Regua collaborated on a six course historical dinner series that featured old classics from both historic restaurants.

There was also a Prohibition-themed cocktail party held as a fundraiser for the location. Live music, faux gambling, signature cocktails, raw seafood, and access to the location's historic speakeasy, the Mystery Dining Room, were part of the festivities.

Wouldn't it be incredible if your restaurant could last that long? Think of all the changes in technology and food preparation! Do they still have a wood stove tucked in there, or is it all gas ranges now? We're sure they've upgraded over the years, but it sounds like they still have the same spirit. Kudos to Antoine's and here's to another 175 years of operation.


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