Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl Wings

Once relegated to office parties and family gatherings, Buffalo wings have become a popular casual dining fare. It’s no secret that sometimes an unusual ingredient can set off a new taste trend, especially with sauces. Making up a new Buffalo wing sauce can bring up restaurant patrons back again and again for the unique flavor.

The food chain Buffalo Wild Wings is now serving wings for a limited time that feature a Zesty Citrus flavor. The flavor was created to celebrate the 70th annual Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants will be serving up a remarkable ingredient in the sauce that has been added alongside lemongrass and red peppers. The surprise ingredient is the favorite soft drink, Mountain Dew.

So far, patrons of the restaurants have responded very well to the new flavor that has a subtle kick without having too much spicy heat to detract from their taste. The official release of the flavor was on December 15th and will continue for a limited time while supplies last. It’s not likely, even alongside the other 16 flavors of wings that Buffalo Wild Wings serves, that customers will have much time to try them.

Don't be afraid to experiment with new sauce flavors wing restaurateurs! Even soda can be used as an ingredient.



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