Kitchen Work Table Guide

In most commercial kitchens, counter space is a commodity very much in demand. We all know things can get hectic- chefs are frantically sauteing with one hand while stirring with another while prep cooks are using whatever space they can get to chop, dice, and julienne. The addition of strategically placed kitchen work tables can ease congestion and increase productivity. With a range of different sizes and types of tops, the right kitchen work table can become your staff's best friend.

Stainless Steel Work Tables

The cost and quality of a stainless steel work table is chiefly dependent on the gauge of stainless steel used to make the table and the overall size of the table. Additional options, like backsplashes, overshelves, or adjustable undershelves can also increase usage but cost as well.

Stainless Steel Types


  304 Grade
  • 18% chromium
  • 8% nickel
  • 18/8 (the standard we see in cookware)
  • Corrosion/rust resistant
  • Easy to clean
  430 Grade
  • 17% to 18% chromium
  • 0% nickel
  • 18/0 (the standard we see in cookware)
  • Not corrosion/rust resistant (stains easier than 304 grade)
  • Easy to clean

Stainless Steel Gauges


  14 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Great quality
  • Very durable
  • Excellent for heavy usage
  • Good for butcher shops, meat carvers, kitchens where heavy pounding is required
  • High end cost
  16 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Perfect for professional commercial kitchens for multiple uses
  • Reasonably priced for your budget
  18 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Reasonable quality
  • Durable for light duty items, like salad making or sandwich prep
  • Should consider this gauge for a general work table
  • Budget minded pricing

Wood Topped Work Tables

Good for most any food prep tasks, wood top work tables are favorites of bakers, meat carvers and anyone who is doing a lot of chopping prep work. Hardwoods, like maple, are the choice for wood top work tables, as they are not porous and are easy to clean and sanitize.

Poly Topped Work Tables

The poly topped table is perfect for prepping tasks that require a great deal of slicing, chopping or cutting. A major advantage to the poly top is cleaning. The entire top can be removed for easy cleaning and sanitation.


Commercial kitchen work tables are available in just about any size you need, from the very small to the very large. Work tables can be purchased that range from 24” to 120” wide and 24” to 36” deep. If your needs are such for larger work tables, edges can be placed together to form larger work areas.

Popular Manufacturers of Kitchen Work Tables

Depending on the type you need, you can find the work table you need from top Brands like John Boos and Eagle Manufacturing.


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