Denny's Will Use Cage Free Eggs

There is no doubt that there are huge changes going on in the food industry. More specifically, where the ingredients for what we eat comes from. Many restaurants are choosing organic and other source-conscious choices for their operations. It's a good thing that restaurants are paying attention to ingredient quality as much as they are paying attention to the quality of their restaurant equipment.

Customers are reading the bottom line and expect that the companies that they patronize with their business will follow the most ethical guidelines possible. Such is the case for Denny’s Corp. which recently announced its commitment to using eggs that come only from cage-free sources for all of its U.S. restaurants by 2026.

The family-dining operator, based in Spartanburg, S.C. said that it estimates more than 400 million eggs are served at its 1,700 restaurants each year. The restaurant is famous for its omelets and its popular Grand Slam breakfasts that have eggs as a main feature.

John Miller, Denny's President and CEO, commented about this latest strategy for its restaurant chain in a statement, "We believe our guests care about how their food is sourced and so do we. The humane treatment of animals remains an important part of our brand's sourcing strategy, and our commitment to this transition underscores our confidence in the ethical evolution of supplier capabilities.”


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