Dough Mixers Guide

Choosing the Right Dough Mixer

Dough mixers come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be used in both commercial and home applications. Home mixers are also used for general mixing purposes and have special attachments that are suitable for mixing pizza dough. These mixers are available as stand-up, floor, countertop, or hand held models. Large, commercial pizza dough mixers are heavy duty, made to mix large amounts of product. Any pizzeria, restaurant, or bakery that makes large quantities of dough will want an affordable and versatile dough mixer designed to handle thick dough, batter, and any other mixing and kneading applications. Mixers have three aspects to consider carefully before purchasing: bowl capacity, transmission type, and attachments.

Bowl Size and Capacity

Dough mixer bowls usually are made from high quality stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. They range in size from 30 quarts to 140 quarts for larger commercial operations. Floor mixer bowls can hold up to ten times that of a countertop mixer. Since bowl adapters are available, one mixer can usually accommodate a few different sized bowls if you have various capacity requirements. Many mixers feature an ergonomic swing-out bowl for easy use and convenience. The swing design makes for easy loading and unloading of products as well as easy installation and bowl removal.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel provides maximum durability
  • Smaller sizes are dishwasher safe, larger sizes are easy to clean
  • Available in various sizes and styles

Transmission type

Internal power becomes more important as your choice of mixer capacity becomes larger. A mixer with a large horsepower motor is a necessity for any foodservice operation that makes its own homemade dough, pastries, and other recipes from scratch. A two or more horsepower (HP) motor with variable speed transmission will help to streamline your dough making process while supporting recipe mixing times and providing accurate results and consistency. Many large dough mixers come with up to four speeds that help to incorporate, blend, and thoroughly mix ingredients.

Dough Mixer Attachments

Commercial dough mixers usually provide a number of attachments and accessories that perform various functions. Dough hooks help to reproduce the pulling and stretching motion that is useful for making dough for pizza or bread. Meat grinders and slicers are useful for grinding large pieces of meats that can be used in the making of sausages, ground beef or pork. Wire whips are the preferred kitchen utensils used to whip and aerate cream, sugar, meringue, eggs, and stir light sauces or butter. Beaters help to beat and fold ingredients while clinging to the sides of the mixing bowl, which virtually eliminates the need to stop and scrape the bowl manually. These attachments and other accessories are usually made from professional grade stainless steel or aluminum and come in differing lengths and sizes.

Dough Mixer Brands

Dough mixers are great for a variety of uses in pizzerias, bakeries, and other foodservice operations. Several brand names are leading the industry in offering many styles, sizes, and types of dough mixers.

Hobart offers a good selection of countertop and floor model dough mixers. These mixers are available in sizes from 30 quarts to 140 quart models. Known for their Legacy models, these mixers are tested under extreme conditions, resulting in a dough mixer designed to last for years of tough service.

Globe mixers are available in sizes from 30 quarts to 80 quart models, with motors of up to 3 HP. These mixers have thicker transmissions which are designed to make them last longer and work harder than other brands.


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