E-Coli Continues to Plague Chipotle

At a Chipotle location near Boston College, approximately 141 students complained of gastrointestinal issues after having eaten at the restaurant. Health officials determined that a norovirus had broken out at the restaurant.

Unfortunately for the restaurant chain, this isn’t the first incident of food borne illnesses. Some 52 people in a total of nine states suffered from an outbreak of E. coli. It is uncertain whether the strain of E. coli was somehow transferred to the Boston area. The expectation, however, is that only norovirus will be found.

Chipotle recently announced that in order to maintain food safety, there will be a centralized location where food will be regularly inspected and tested before being moved on to restaurants within the chain.

Everyone knows that with every food choice, whether you get your groceries from a large supply warehouse or choose to buy it directly from the farmer, there are precautions that must be taken. Taking those extra precautions in order to ensure food safety for employees and most importantly restaurant patrons is vital.

Be sure to clean, sanitize and properly store all food items. Rigorous cleaning, scrubbing and even peeling can help keep out E. coli and other pathogens. Sometimes washing isn’t enough and the pathogens can be hiding and not easily detected.

Also, ensure that your staff understands and follows personal hygiene procedures as outlined in the guidelines set by the health department in your area. Additionally, try to avoid cross contamination by using separate utensils and cutting boards, for example, when preparing foods such as poultry or fish.



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