Early Results Show McDonalds All Day Breakfast a Success

Two months ago, McDonald's decided to start offering all day breakfast to attract more customers. How has the experiment gone so far? According to a study by the NPD group, the program has been a success.

Through receipt tracking, the study found that offering breakfast all day attracted new or lapsed buyers, increased lunch visits, and increased the total volume of breakfast food ordered throughout the day, particularly over the lunch hour. A third of the buyers who purchased breakfast food outside of traditional hours had not bought from McDonald's prior to the launch. Many of the lunch-time breakfast buyers also bought lunch items, which raised the average check size.

Overall orders of breakfast foods increased from 39% of orders to 47% of orders. “This preliminary review of McDonald’s all-day breakfast offer suggests consumers are receptive to ordering McDonald’s breakfast foods beyond traditional breakfast hours,” said Bonnie Riggs, NPD restaurant industry analyst and author of the study. “It’s early, and there are other questions to answer as time goes on, but for now it is working.”

Will other quick service restaurants consider offering breakfast items during lunch as well? The experiment is still very new, but if the current trend continues over the next couple of quarters, other companies may be wise to consider.



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