Egg Shortage

Have you wondered why a dozen eggs are so expensive at the store, or why the price of your skillet breakfasts at the local diner have gone up? The answer is a shortage of eggs. Earlier this year there was a massive outbreak of bird flu. Millions of laying hens had to be slaughtered to control the disease outbreak, but this has pushed up the price of eggs.

Now another factor may push them up even more. McDonald's has been experiencing a really bad slump in sales lately. They have asked franchisees to offer some breakfast offerings all day, such as the Egg McMuffin. The news sent fans of the fast food restaurant flying to social media to talk about it, but it has egg producers and some franchisees owners worried.

McDonald's has such a huge operation that even tiny shifts can send reverberations throughout the food supply chain. When they started offering apples, they soon became the largest single purchaser of them in the U.S. Now they'll be putting pressure on the egg supply chain, and that could spike prices even higher. Producers are also worried that as customers buy more eggs for the holiday season that will also raise prices.

Franchisees are worried because they may have to buy new equipment to keep up with the new demands of McDonald's. Most fast food restaurants use the same grills for both breakfast and lunch by limiting breakfast hours. Now there needs to be enough space to cook both hamburgers and eggs on a grill without the flavors crossing over. Some may have to spring for another grill just to comply with the demands.

In short, if you're a fan of eggs you may see another huge price spike as the year continues, with additional spikes in many baked goods that require eggs. If you've ever considered going vegetarian for a while, this may be a good time!


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