Farm to Table

Are you familiar with the farm-to-fork movement? It's a restaurant trend where restaurants source their ingredients from local farms and promote the products to their customers. It builds connections between restaurant growers, their customers, and the local agricultural community. Many people in America don't really know where their food comes from, and this is a way to fix that problem.

The Sacramento area may be known as California's capital, but it is also one of the biggest agricultural regions in the state. To promote the local economy, the city has held a Farm-to-Fork Festival for three years. The festival this year exceeded all expectations. 15,000 more people showed up than last year.

Hundreds of booths and food trucks were there to hand out samples and talk about their locally-grown products. The California Rice Commission handed out bamboo rice paddles and had other rice giveaways. 97% of California's rice is grown in the Sacramento valley, so they wanted to make sure that locals were aware of that.

The size of the festival has grown five-fold since it started and they're going to have to expand space even further according to the commission. In short, the festival is a huge hit with vendors, farmers, and attendees alike.


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