Local Farmers: Fresh Organic Pasta & Pasta Sauce

FoodserviceSuperstore.com would not be in business if it wasn't for farmers and other food producers providing the fruits and vegetables for cooking. A gardener with a dream can make the local food economy boom. That's what one family has done in New Hampshire.

Valicenti Organico is an organic farm that specializes in the creation of Italian sauces and pastas. The farm started when there was a bumper crop of Italian tomatoes. The family decided to try selling sauces locally. They sold out in two weeks. Now they have a 10 acre farm that sells sauces, herbs, pasta, and ravioli fillings.

Many restaurants are looking at going to a farm-to-table setup, but without the right gear to handle these ultra-fresh ingredients those purchases are a waste! When was the last time you did an inventory of your restaurant equipment? Is your walk-in getting a little old or cramped? Do you have enough storage containers for all your ideas? Foodservice Superstore can help you out.

We have a huge selection of restaurant supplies from many major brands. If you want something, it's a good bet that we'll have it in our warehouse or can get it for you special-order. For more information about how we can help you start taking advantage of local farm opportunities by upgrading or expanding your operation, give us a call.



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