Grill & Oven Cleaners Guide

An important part of restaurant and commercial kitchen longevity is keeping key equipment clean and running smoothly. In busy kitchens, two of the primary pieces of equipment that MUST be cleaned often are the grill and the oven. All over the world, chefs and restaurant managers are divided on the best way to clean the grill (or griddle)and what the best grill and ovens cleaners are. Many prefer the old fashioned method of a grill brick and elbow grease. Others swear by reduced heat and a 50/50 mix of water to vinegar along with elbow grease. One thing is for certain, everyone is looking for the elusive answer to the grill cleaning conundrum. Some are concerned over chemical usage that could create fumes or leave a residue. The advance of food safe cleaners has made all of these methods and concerns a thing of the past. We will take a look at the liquid form, aerosol and pre-mixed solution types of grill and oven cleaners as well as how to use the each type.

Liquid Grill & Oven Cleaners

These cleaners clean a multitude of surfaces including floors, appliances, counters, furniture, vinyl, woodwork, walls, as well as grills and ovens. The biodegradable cleaners are usually non-toxic and environmentally friendly, whereas non-biodegradable cleaners leave no room for error in cleaning. Non-abrasive and usually water-soluble, it is important to ensure these cleaners are completely removed. These cleaners should be sprayed on the surface (or griddle) while the surface is still hot. A cleaning cloth should be used to fully wipe off the griddle. It is important, as with any chemical – biodegradable or not – to make sure you use the cleaner only in well ventilated areas. Well-known brands include: Swisher, Amana, TurboChef, ITW Dymon and 3M.

Aerosol Grill & Oven Cleaners

Although these cleaners more closely resemble the oven cleaners folks would use in their home kitchens, they are designed to be used in foodservice applications. The commercial grill and oven cleaner version of these aerosols may have names many would recognize, but certainly the cleaners do not have the diluted value of the home edition. Easy-Off, TufStuff and Mr. Muscle in aerosol form is another cleaner that should be used in areas with good ventilation.

Pre-Mixed Solution Grill & Oven Cleaners

The pre-mixed versions of grill and oven cleaners takes the guess work out of measuring, diluting or mixing. To address specific cleaning needs, you will often find pre-mix cleaners developed by the manufacturers of the grills and ovens you are looking to clean. Well known pre-mixed solutions include Alto-Shaam and Rational.

Whether chemical based, biodegradable or a pre-mix, grill and oven cleaners are a necessity in a commercial kitchen. Commercial restaurant equipment has to be cleaned and maintained on a very regular schedule and Foodservice Superstore has a large selection of cleaners for you to use.


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