Commercial Dishwashers Guide

Dishwashers, or dish machines, have become a standard appliance in both homes and businesses alike. Dishwashers are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of any establishment. Keeping dishes and glasses sanitary and clean is essential especially in foodservice. Commercial dishwashers are available in three main styles: conveyor, door type, and undercounter. Each of these styles has their own pros and cons, which we will go over in detail. When purchasing a dishwasher, there are a few main considerations to focus on, depending on the type. Whether you are purchasing a new one, or a replacing an existing undercounter dishwasher, a main consideration is the size of opening under the counter to find the right fit. Location is important when choosing a conveyor or door type model. Other considerations are electrical configurations, energy efficiency, load capacity, as well as other features. We will go over the features and uses for each type of dishwasher.

Conveyor Type Dishwashers

Made to clean a large volume of dishes on a daily basis, conveyor dishwashers are able to clean thousands of dish racks per day. Most conveyor dishwashers are rated to clean 200 to 300 racks per hour. They are easy to control, and will help you keep up with the busy demands of your business. Many conveyors use only around a half gallon of water per rack on average and are Energy Star rated. Standard electrical configurations are 208-240 volts.

  • Cleans 200 to 300 racks per hour
  • Stainless steel heavy gauge construction
  • Top mounted self-diagnostic controls

Door Type Dishwashers

Smaller than the conveyor dishwasher, door type dishwashers connect to your dishtables and help streamline the warewashing process. Once your dish rack is full, just place it inside the dishwasher and start the cycle. Once clean the rack can be moved and dishes put away. Door type dishwashers are capable of handling as many as 50-60 dish racks per hour. With a smaller footprint, they are out of the way of normal kitchen traffic. Door type dishwashers come in a variety of sizes and styles, with electrical configurations ranging from 115/120 volts to 208/240 volts. Door type dishwashers are usually Energy Star rated, and use around .75 gallons of water per rack on average.

  • Cleans 50 to 60 racks per hour
  • Small footprint design, works with dishtables
  • Top or bottom mounted controls

Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers are commonly found in homes, apartments, and smaller businesses all over the world. When choosing an undercounter dishwasher, it’s important to measure the opening of the space where the dishwasher will go. These dishwashers can wash between 25 and 35 dish racks per hour, and use between .74 and 1.25 gallons of water per cycle. Undercounter dishwashers are also an added storage area for clean dishes, when not used often. Undercounter dishwashers are easy to load, and have a variety of features to choose from. The next step is choosing which dishwasher has the additional features you want.

  • Cleans 25 to 35 racks per hour
  • Undercounter design reduces space required
  • Additional storage capacity

Additional Features

Many dishwashers feature options such as high and low temperature settings with monitoring sensors. High heat models are capable of sanitizing dishes on their own without chemicals. Low heat cleaning requires a chemical sanitizer near the end of each cycle to sanitize the dishes. A high heat commercial dishwasher usually costs more than a low heat one, but will cost less to run and maintain over its lifetime. Most dishwashers also feature a 180 degree rinse temperature to ensure sanitation. Other features include detergent pumps, heat protection, as well as settings that allow the unit to be set to wash at a later time.

Dishwasher Brands

Dishwashers are essential for use in homes, restaurants, and other foodservice operations. Several brand names are leading the industry in offering many styles, sizes, and types of dishwashers. Champion Industries and Hobart offer a good selection of all three types of dishwasher models. With most of their models Energy Star rated, these brands offer the most durable and technologically advanced dishwashers on the market today. Hobart’s Advansys technology makes their dishwashers the most energy and water efficient, saving you both time and money.


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