Guide to Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases provide a great way to present your edible merchandise while keeping it cool and sanitary. They can be used in a variety of applications, from encouraging impulse buys at the checkout counter to displaying deli meats and cheeses waiting for slicing. With their flattering built-in lighting systems and transparent curved glass fronts, refrigerated display cases will have your products flying off of the shelves in no time.

Refrigerated Bakery Cases

Refrigerated Bakery Case
Refrigerated bakery cases are large, glass fronted units widely used in both convenience stores and bakeries alike.
These cases are generally designed to hold packaged or “dry” baked goods- such as cookies, cupcakes, or breads. They use a forced air refrigeration system which tends to dry out meats and cheeses but is great for less sensitive products.
Refrigerated bakery cases can come in either self-service or employee access only styles. Self-service cases lack the front glass pane and are often used to hold packaged sandwiches or fruit in a convenience store or cafeteria. By being packaged, these foods are subject to less regulation than open foods so are safe for customers to serve themselves. Employee access only cases can solely be opened from a door or slider in the back. This will often be for open food, like breads, cupcakes, etc. that are sitting on display. Closed front cases are great for keeping bakery display cases orderly and sanitary, but they do require an attendant to be on hand at all times.

Countertop Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated Countertop Display Case
Refrigerated countertop display cases are very similar to bakery cases, just on a much smaller scale. Most still use forced air refrigeration so are recommended for packaged or dry goods only.
You will most often see these cases near the cash register for impulse buys. They are small and easy to add to your set up, but they don’t hold much product so are usually not used in establishments that sell these goods as a primary product.

Refrigerated Deli Cases

Refrigerated Deli Case
Refrigerated deli cases are the heaviest duty of refrigerated display cases. They are very large and durable, often used in delis or sandwich shops that sell their core products out of them.
These cases use a gravity coil refrigeration system so have much less moving air as a part of their cooling method. Refrigerated deli cases can keep sushi, meats, cheeses, salads, and more fresh and ready for purchase- no drying out or surface hardening here.
Most refrigerated deli cases are employee access only, meaning they are fully encased in glass and only open from the back. With such delicate foods inside it is typically required by health codes to have these foods only accessible by employees.

Popular Brands

With precision craftsmanship and innovation, Federal Industries has been a leading manufacturer of display cases for over 90 years. Their top of the line bakery cases and other products provide you with a signature look to showcase your food items.
True Refrigeration has been a leading foodservice brand since 1945 and is among the most trusted of refrigeration manufacturers. They offer a variety of display cases with many options and features making them a favorite among bakery and deli owners even after 60+ years in business.


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