More Than Just Pizza at CiCi's

In late November 2015, the pizza restaurant chain CiCi’s, formerly known as CiCi’s Pizza, announced that it plans to remake its image and brand positioning with new restaurant designs during the first quarter of 2016 and through 2017.

The color scheme, logo and graphics which include its widely recognized pizza boxes, graphics and restaurant layout will change how they serve up their pizza, wings, salads and other restaurant fare. The restaurant chain will try this new prototype on more than 30 of its restaurants that are both corporate owned and franchise owned.

The name change is also part of the rebranding effort. By dropping the word pizza, they hope to pivot customer perceptions toward their other menu items besides their famous pizza. Their slogan is also changing to “Beyond Pizza” to further push the new message.

Currently, CiCi’s boasts over 450 restaurants and is currently on the Franchise 500 list. It has been regularly voted as a consumer choice chain of restaurants serving pizza in the U.S. The restaurant got its start in Coppell, Texas and spread throughout 35 states.

If this takes off, then other pizza buffet competitors may have to expand their own offerings.


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