Pizza Battles

Spicy sauce or mild? Chicago or New York style? Anchovies or not? A new pizza concept in Chicago is giving patrons the ultimate choice in making their own pizzas.

Pie Five Pizza recently opened its sixth location in Chicago. People can build their own pizza pies and have them cooked in under five minutes using a special pizza oven. They offer four crusts, seven sauces, and 28 different toppings! Over a million possible combinations! They also serve salads and desserts.

"We know Chicagoans take their pizza seriously, and we're honored by the great support we've received thus far from this pizza powerhouse city," said Randy Gier, CEO of Rave Restaurant Group, Inc. "At Pie Five, we're passionate about farm fresh ingredients, handcrafted crust variety and creating an experience that really wows our guests – I'm thrilled that Chicago loves it!"

The goal of the company is to open 500 locations across America in the next five years.


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