Pope's Visit Affects Restaurant Sales


One of the gambles that restaurants make is buying extra supplies when a local festival is in town. If there is a boom in business, they can make a lot of money. But if there is a bust, it can ruin a business. Some restaurants in Philadelphia are feeling both effects after the Pope's visit.

The city estimated that they would make hundreds of millions of dollars off of the visit from pilgrims. But due to things like increased security and people packing their own food so they didn't lose their chance to glimpse the Pope, many restaurants experienced their slowest weekend or even shuttered their doors. Not only that, but many local residents who didn't want to deal with crowds or security left town. This meant a big drop in the number of regulars coming in.

But for those lucky restaurants that were situated in a place where it was possible for pilgrims to dine without having to deal with losing their place in line or get funneled by security, they were able to make money. One pizzeria had their pizza oven going all weekend and made record sales.

Hopefully when the locals come back they can enjoy some extra big portions, along with a little price hike, to make up for the overall slump in sales during the Papal visit.


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