San Antonio's Best BBQ - Granary

Texas is famous for its BBQ, and there is definitely a certain culture about grilling in the Lone Star State. For Tim and Alex Rattray, their restaurant the Granary is a bit off the beaten track and features some unusual fare that not every die-hard BBQ aficionado is wild about.

The restaurant set in a converted old house features BBQ brisket, ribs, sausage and craft brewed beer. During the lunch hour the Granary features a counter service, while at night, it goes to a full table dining experience for those looking for something that they might not find anywhere else in the state of Texas.

Their menu features unusual fare such as smoked shoulder clod with coffee quinoa crunch and tomato caramel that has gotten rave reviews. Debuting in 2012, the Granary is a standout from other BBQ joints in the state and is striving to notable at least in San Antonio where the BBQ scene. According to the Rattray’s, it’s how the idea behind the Granary all began. There was no good BBQ place in San Antonio. “What if,” they asked, “we did a place where you made everything in house including the beer?”

It was that “what if” that turned the Granary into a reality. Elder brother, Tim, draws on his culinary background from restaurants such as Le Cirque and Le Bernardin. With that experience and a science degree from Texas A&M , he pushed the limits of what was traditional and came up with something different. In a 2013 article in Food + Wine piece, the late food writer Josh Ozersky declared Tim "probably the only modernist barbecue chef in the country."


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