The Perfect Espresso Cup

Specialized glassware has been around for quite a long time, but specialized coffee gear not so much. Sure, we have espresso cups and Ethiopian restaurants have their elaborate gear for coffee ceremonies, but all espresso cups are the same right?

Not anymore. Now a Parisian coffee roasting company, L’Arbre à Café, has created a new espresso cup specifically for their blend of brew. Hippolyte Courty, the founder, tested more than 400 different cups before developing the Révélation espresso cup. Courty even took x-ray photos of several cups to study the different thicknesses and curvatures of cups to come up with the new design.

This cup was the winner of the Best Professional Coffee Equipment in the New Product of the Show Awards at the 2015 World of Coffee in Gothenburg. The cup has been on sale to the public since the beginning of October.

Courty hopes to cause a change in the way people appreciate coffee by considering the aesthetics of the cup just like wine drinkers do. Wine drinkers also know that the shape of the glass also contributes to the release of aromatic compounds essential for full appreciation of wine. The Révélation looks like a combination between an espresso cup, a sake cup, and a red wine glass and is made out of sandstone to emulate the feel of coffee grounds while holding it.

It is such a new product that currently the only manufacturer is Montgolfier, a high-end French smallwares brand used by some of the finest dining establishments in Europe. One cup costs 24 Euros, an astounding price. To learn more about the cup, check out the full article from


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