Ugly Vegetables Have a Beautiful Side

While there is a push to make the veggies in the store look good so they sell better, do those lumpy and bumpy vegetables that might not win the veggie fashion shows taste just as good? The answer is yes! The more humble looking vegetables deserve their place in the stews and salads, too. After all, they’re just getting chopped, pureed, and transformed.

There is an amazing amount of food thrown away every year. We’re talking about 1.3 billion pounds of food. Over 45 trillion gallons of water went into growing that food, food which will never see someone’s table. This is staggering, to say the least.

Just by using the ‘not so pretty’ foods in your dishes, you can save both money and water. Buying directly from farmers or small farmers markets can net you some really big deals on your produce. The real trick is to find the right dishes that take full advantage of the flavor of these less-than-pretty vegetables. Maybe it’s time your restaurant started offering more soups and stews on the menu?

What you get from the local distributor doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Yes, you might want to have the best-looking lettuce, but fresh doesn’t have to be pretty. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about the flavor, isn’t it? It’s time to take those ugly vegetables out of the waste bin and put them on the cutting board.


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