Waffle House and Proper Hygiene

Many items in the kitchen are repurposed, but they are usually for cooking and food preparation. However, Waffle House employees in Forrest City, Arkansas, have taken this to a whole new level. They were using one of the pots on the back stove to fix an employee’s hair while still behind the counter. Customers who witnessed the entire incident were left more than just a little disgusted.

The incident involving the restaurant employees, was caught on cellphone video. The footage shows two employees washing their hair at the stove and then drying it with a towel, all within customers’ view. After receiving complaints from witnesses immediately following the incident, the area health department sent an inspector to the Waffle House restaurant to do a complete inspection.

The health department inspectors reported violations including those which cited employees for not following hygiene and sanitary procedure practices. However, in spite of the infractions, the store will remain open while management makes necessary changes in order to ensure that the restaurant and its employees are in compliance with all health and food safety codes.

We hope that the employees have been properly disciplined. We get orders for hair nets, gloves, and other sanitary chemicals all the time. No one should ever get hair in their food, much less get a whole potful!



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