Waiter, There's a Cricket in My Soup


Could insects be the future of food? On paper they have a lot of advantages. They have just as much protein as beef, sometimes more. They are twice as efficient as chickens at converting feed into protein. They breed prolifically and require much less space than traditional livestock. And there are thousands of edible varieties that are enjoyed all over the world.

So what's stopping us? Most likely the ick factor, but that may change soon. Crickets and other insects are now being processed into high protein flours and shake mixes, and some particularly enterprising restaurants have begun introducing the whole bug into their dishes.

Will getting in on the ground floor of cricket farming get you access to some of the hottest restaurants in the nation in a few years? If bugs can become popular in this country, we won't just have access to new flavors, we may also perform a big favor to the earth by reducing our need for so much grazing land.

What do you think? Will you be seeing crickets in your deep fryers soon? Will you be grinding grubs to make flour in a food mill? We'd love to hear your thoughts about the future of insects on our dinner plates in America.


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