Water and Food for Flint, MI Residents

Last fall, when the water crisis in Flint, Michigan was declared, elevated levels of lead were being found in the bloodstreams of children who were residents of the city. Since at least September of 2015, the city of Flint and Michigan’s state government has grappled with the situation. Federal authorities got involved just last month regarding the water crisis.

Many people and businesses have gotten involved in an effort to help the people of Flint during the ongoing crisis. One of them, a northeast Ohio restaurant and an area non-profit have teamed up in an effort to get more clean water and food to residents of Flint.

Bubba's Q Restaurant, located in Avon, Ohio has collected water and other donations to be sent to Flint. The restaurant and catering company, which has won many state and national awards and was featured on television’s Shark Tank, is well-known for its barbeque menu items, but also because of its community involvement and tradition of giving back.

Bubba’s Q Restaurant has been involved in other community outreach programs such as a local men’s shelter, the Lung Association, the Arthritis Association, and the Journey of Hope Cancer Foundation.

The water crisis in Flint is yet another way that founder former NFL football star, Al “Bubba” Baker gives back to the community that he lives in and to other places around the country that might also be in need.



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