Airpots are useful items for every restaurant or cafe. They are designed to keep coffee, tea, or other beverages hot while ensuring safety of use. Restaurants, cafes, and caterers may find it convenient to allow customers to serve themselves with airpots.

Benefits of airpots include:

  • Keeps beverages hot for long periods of time
  • Allows customers to serve themselves
  • Easy to fill
  • Simple to use
  • Effortless cleaning

A well-designed airpot allows customers or employees to safely dispense hot beverages without spilling, thereby reducing the possibility of injury. Airpots are designed with either a push-button or lever type of dispensing mechanism. The liquid is dispensed only while the button or lever is pressed. Most airpots dispense beverages using a vacuum system and a measured amount of liquid comes out each time the button or lever is pressed.

Foodservice Superstore has a wide selection of airpots and racks designed for commercial use. Airpots are ideal for catering because they are very lightweight and portable. You can place small units on every table or larger units at a central serving station or buffet line. Most airpots are vacuum insulated and will keep coffee and other beverages hot for hours at a time.

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11 Item(s)