Heat Lamps

Utilized by restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, schools, and delis, heat lamps are an ideal way to keep hot foods at the preferred serving temperature. Often used on buffet tables at catered events, freestanding heat lamps are versatile because they can be easily moved and adjusted. More permanent heat lamps can be installed overhead or mounted directly on counters.

Foodservice Superstore offers a variety of stainless steel and aluminum alloy heat lamps from top manufacturers such as Hatco, Havells, Vollrath, and Carlisle. Features to look for when choosing heat lamps include the size and style, portability, shade type, voltage, wattage, switch location, and the ability to accommodate full or half-size pans.

Commercial heat lamps are designed to provide maximum heat output while being safe to operate for extended periods of time. Some heat lamps have more than one bulb when extra heat is required and more surface area needs to stay warm. Some heat lamps have adjustable arms that allow you to place the bulbs at a safe distance from food, typically 12 to 16 inches.

Heat strips are another option for keeping food warm. These long, narrow, metal-sheathed heating instruments distribute warmth from a tubular element without drying food out. Ranging from 24 inches to 5 feet, strip heaters provide even heat distribution without illumination. Heat strips are a real life-saver when you need to deliver hot food to a large group, especially catered events like rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and business luncheons. Functional and elegant, strip heaters and can be mounted end-to-end for an unlimited string of heat production.

Foodservice Superstore has an array of heat lamps and heat strips that are ideal for your restaurant or catering business.

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9 Item(s)