Carlisle 36947500: 60" Jaw Style Fiberglass Mop Handle

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Keeping a commercial kitchen or other establishment clean and sanitary is a difficult job, and Carlisle's 36947500 fiberglass jaw style 60" mop handle can help ensure everything is spick and span. It is designed specifically to be used with wide-band mesh headbands, which are extremely common in many different establishments. The jaw style grip 'bites' into a mop so it can hold it securely and allow precision maneuvering while cleaning the floor. This is an excellent way to make mopping a dirty floor much easier, faster, and more effective.


Manufacturer Carlisle Foodservice
Model Number 36947500
Made In United States
Dimensions 60" long
Material Fiberglass
Weight 2.08 lbs.

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Carlisle 36947500: 60" Jaw Style Fiberglass Mop Handle

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