Carlisle 4041202: Potato Brush w/ Polyester Bristles, 5-3/4" long

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Appealing presentation goes a long way in the dining industry, and you could find that goal much easier to achieve by using Carlisle's 4041202 potato brush. This 5-3/4" brush has hard, nylon bristles that dig out any dried-on dirt, a scraper edge and a specially designed point to remove blemishes and eyes. This brush also has a molded plastic handle that's easy to clean and has a loop, which allows it to be stored on a rack or other wall-mounted location. The stiff bristles provide maximum effectiveness with minimal effort from a user. Also includes an edge piece made for scraping blemished areas on potatoes or other pieces of produce that characteristically have firm surfaces before being cooked. The top of this brush also includes a handy loop that allows it to be neatly hung from a hook in your industrial kitchen.


Manufacturer Carlisle Foodservice
Model Number 4041202
Made In United States
Dimensions 5-3/4" wide
Color White
Material Plastic
Weight 0.17 lbs.

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Carlisle 4041202: Potato Brush w/ Polyester Bristles, 5-3/4" long

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