Salad Bowls and Plates

Salad bowls and plates are used to hold large amounts of salad while allowing the ease of ingredient tossing without spilling. Useful as serving dishes, they come in a variety of sizes and materials such as glass, plastic, stainless steel, and wood. Salad bowls are great for not only serving salads, but they are great for serving appetizers, trail mixes, chips, and other snacks at catered events or parties. At Foodservice Superstore we have a large selection of salad bowls and plates to meet the needs of any foodservice establishment. We offer top brands like Vollrath, Cardinal Glass, Carlisle Foodservice, Cambro, Thunder Group, and more to bring you the highest quality at great wholesale prices.

We have an extensive selection of salad bowls that will go great with any decor or style in your establishment. Ranging in size from individual servings, to large bowls that can serve many people at once, our salad bowls are available in a range of colors from yellow, purple, green, red, and many others. We have a large selection of both of salad plates that are great for dining rooms, buffets, cafeterias, and many other foodservice establishments. We have a great selection of various styles, patterns, and sizes that will look great no matter the decor of your establishment.