Crumbers are great for cleaning off crumbs and food debris from tabletops quickly and easily before seating guests. Crumbers fit nicely in a pocket of an apron or at the wait station. They are great for upscale, fine dining establishments so the staff can be seen not using their hands to quickly remove crumbs, but a small, portable device. This simple tool gives the continued impression of elegance and sophistication that you are looking for. Your dining room will maintain an appearance of cleanliness that will be remembered by guests. Made of anodized aluminum in a variety of colors like black, silver, and gold, these 6" crumbers have a handy clip that lets waiters and waitresses store and access them easily.

At Foodservice Superstore, we understand how important cleanliness is to your establishment. It doesn't matter if you are a bistro, cafe, or other high class establishment, presentation is everything! Tablecraft is a trusted foodservice manufacturer that brings the very best supplies, and the crumbers they supply are no different! At low wholesale prices every day, we are your one stop shop for not only crumbers, but for all tabletop and wait staff supplies that you need to be efficient and keep customers coming back again and again!

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