Cotton Candy Equipment

At the ballpark, the carnival, the circus, or the fair you will find the sweet fluffy cotton candy. This treat is popular, especially with kids. Our cotton candy machines at Foodservice Superstore comes in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs, whether large or small. If you are a vendor at a sporting event, or have a concession stand, we provide all that you need to let your customers enjoy this treat.

Cotton candy is not only a joy to eat, but it's fun to make! Part of the fun at carnivals or fairs, is watching a vendor make long, flowing puffs of candy clouds in a swirl on a stick. Many vendors make it part of their "act" to see how far they can get the cotton to stretch, using the various flavors they offer to create different colors. With the variety of flavors that cotton candy comes in, like bubble gum or Razzleberry, you'll be able to offer your patrons a wide range of choices that will keep them coming back for more!

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for the cones and all the wonderful flavors of cotton candy you can imagine.

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