Hot Dog Equipment

Whether in a ballpark, stadium, or on a busy downtown corner, the hot dog is one of the most sought after and popular food items for Americans. Your concession sales will increase dramatically when you sell hot dogs. With the equipment necessary, making hot dogs is easy, quick and inexpensive, so your return on investment is huge! We sell all of the equipment necessary to make great hot dogs here at Foodservice Superstore. With top brands like APW Wyott, Star Manufacturing, and Roundup, you'll find just the right equipment to last through years of service.

Convenience stores, restaurants, concession stands, food carts all need a steady supply of warm, delicious hot dogs that are ready to serve. Our selection of hot dog broilers are great for showing off your cooking hot dogs, which will increase impulse buys. They are designed with an attractive appearance, made from heavy duty stainless steel which gives them excellent durability. They allow you or your staff to cook up to 48 hot dogs at a time. Our hot dog steamers cook hot dogs using steam, giving your dogs a slightly different flavor than grilling. They are able to cook anywhere from 25 to over 200 hot dogs at once! With models that hold buns for warming, you'll be able to serve warm buns with your perfectly cooked hot dogs and keep the profits flowing.

Our selection of hot dog roller grills are great for concession stands, or for stadium vendors. They will cook your dogs in quick fashion, cooking up to 85 dogs at a time. They use linear heat control for better performance, so your hot dogs will be cooked perfect every time.

Don't forget to check out our selection of hot dog supplies and condiment pumps for the sanitary hot dog wraps and dispensers for ketchup, mustard, relish, chili and more so you can serve delicious hot dogs.