Popcorn Equipment

Popcorn is the cornerstone of any concession stand or movie theater, which is why Foodservice Superstore carries a great selection of popcorn equipment to make sure you are well able to pop and serve as much popcorn as you need. With top brands like Star Manufacturing, APW Wyott, and Gold Medal, our popcorn machines are built to last, so no matter if you are a small concession, or a high volume movie theater, we have the right popcorn equipment for you.

The distinctive aroma of fresh, buttery popcorn helps it to be sold with little or no effort. We have a variety of popcorn merchandisers that not only bring out that aroma, but showcase perfectly fluffy kernels of delicious popped corn to entice potential patrons. Essential to have for any concession stand, food cart, or any business that serves popcorn, our popcorn merchandisers keep popped corn and even chips fresh and warm, which makes them better to eat and more flavorful. Many of our popcorn merchandisers are brightly painted and easy to see, which will attract more attention of patrons. For stadium events, carnivals, circuses, ball parks, concession stands, or even hardware stores and other retail businesses that want to offer customers a treat, our popcorn merchandisers will increase your sales and bring customers back for more!

Popcorn poppers are essential if you want to serve popcorn! Popcorn machines are perfect for concession stands, convenience stores, movie theaters, rec centers, anywhere you want to pop and serve popcorn. We have a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any business.