Fryers and Fryer Accessories

No matter if you are frying a Twinkie or a batch of potatoes, a commercial fryer is essential in every professional kitchen. Foodservice Superstore carries a full array of commercial fryers for your professional cooking needs, from higher-end Pitco fryers for large kitchens to economy models by Waring for smaller kitchens. Other popular brands include Frymaster and Globe.

Major considerations with a commercial fryer include:

  • Countertop vs. Floor: A countertop model is ideal if you have limited frying needs, small kitchen space and a limited budget. If your kitchen has high-volume frying, you will want a full-size floor fryer.
  • Gas vs. Electric: Electric fryers recover faster, are more efficient and are more portable. Gas fryers are less expensive to operate and heat up faster.
  • Filtration: It is recommended to add a filter to ensure maximum oil life and the best flavor. This special filter will allow oil to flow freely, but will also contain food particles.
  • Computerized Controls: These controls are standard on more expensive fryers and ensure cooking consistency no matter who is operating the unit.
  • Types of Oil: Different oils have different costs, flavors, smoking points and health effects. Choose from canola, corn, peanut, grape seed, safflower, and vegetable.

Familiarize yourself with the three types of commercial fryers, each with a different “sediment zone.” This is the place in the fryer where breading, cracklings and small food pieces fall off during the cooking process.

Open-Pot Fryer: This is a solid all-around fryer and easy to clean. On the down side, it has a deep and narrow sediment zone, and is not the best for specialty food items. It performs well for restaurant staples, though, such as French fries, cheese sticks and buffalo wings.

Tube-Type Fryer: Has a tube-shaped heating element fixed permanently in the vat. This commercial fryer is well-suited for many types of heavy frying, included fried fish and chicken. However, it is harder to clean and costs more than an open-pot type.

Flat-Bottom Fryers: Designed for frying delicate specialty foods, such as funnel cake, tortilla chips and taco shells. This type does not have a sediment zone, so it is not well-suited for most high-volume frying tasks. It also is tougher to clean than the other models.

Whether you are frying a few food items per day or hundreds, Foodservice Superstore has a robust selection of commercial fryers to meet your budget and kitchen requirements.