Stationary Steam Kettles

Steam heat is great for cooking large quantities of food. Steam-jacketed kettles are similar to a double boiler and can be tilting or stationary models. This section features our selection of countertop and floor model stationary steam kettles. Because they are able to cook large quantities, steam kettles are useful for industrial cooking purposes in hotels, schools, military bases, restaurants, bakeries, buffets, delis, and more. They require less stirring, simmer longer cooking recipes and are less apt to burn food, which makes them popular for institutional use. We offer a wide selection of steam kettles from popular brands like Marketforge, Groen, Vulcan, and more.

Steam kettles are a highly efficient way to cook large amounts of stews, soups, sauces, pasta, chili, batters, and more. They are also great for braising meat, cooking desserts, and reheating various foods. Steam kettles perfectly cook food while cutting down on cooking time, eliminating hot spots so your food is cooked evenly. They are able to hold between 10 quarts and up to 100 gallons of food, so no matter how high your volume in your establishment, you'll handle it easily. Whether you are looking for a standard full size floor model stationary steam kettle or a smaller countertop stationary steam kettle, we have the perfect steam kettle for you at a great price!