Mixers and Mixer Accessories

Most cooks will find they need a mixer at one time or another. Many cooks or home users who have smaller kitchens, or are not avid bakers, can make do with an electric hand mixer. But restaurants, commercial kitchens and bakeries will probably want a commercial mixer. Foodservice Superstore has a great selection of commercial mixers and mixer accessories from top manufacturers like Hamilton Beach, Waring, Hobart, Globe, and more to suit the needs of any establishment.

When you need heavy-duty countertop mixing with high torque mixing power, bench mixers are a great choice. They use heat-treated hardened steel alloy transmission gears that operate the rotation.

Floor mixers are advantageous over other countertop mixers, being able to hold much larger quantities. These mixers are able to accommodate different sized bowls and are great for mixing pizza dough. Speaking of pizza dough, we also have specialty pizza mixers that can handle up to 90 lbs. of pizza dough at once!

Stand mixers are a large mixer that sits on its own stand, or platform. A stand mixer is much more powerful than a hand mixer, and the motor will turn the beaters much faster. Don't forget to check out our collection of mixer accessories