Scales help your business cut down on wasted items and increase your profits. Foodservice Superstore has a wide selection of various scales from top brands to help your business with easy to use electronic and mechanical scales depending on the needs of your restaurant, cafeteria, commercial kitchen, and any other foodservice business. We have scales with various options and features that come in different styles to suit your unique purposes.

Our selection of digital scales are great for making sure you get all of the product you are paying for. They are easy to read and accurate, while not taking up a lot of space. We have digital scales that range in capacity from 2 lbs, to 11 lbs. Our selection of price computing scales are ideal for bakeries, grocery stores, delis, butcher shops, or any location that calculates price based on weight. They will display the weight, unit price, and total cost, which makes it easy for you or your employees to serve customers quickly.

Mechanical scales are more accurate than digital scales, but without the convenience of ease of reading. Our mechanical scales have a capacity range of 1 lb, to up to 250 lbs. With manufacturers like Edlund, Rubbermaid, Taylor Precision, Thunder Group, and more, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality and longest lasting scale for your business.