Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

Great for sophisticated presentation of breads, desserts, donuts, and other pastries, non-refrigerated display cases are an attractive way to showcase your beautiful baked goods. They will help you create a beautiful display of your baked goods like cookies, pastries, pies, cakes, cupcakes, scones, donuts, bagels, croissants, and more to present to your customers. A must have for bakeries, diners, cafes, grocery stores, fast food chain, and more to increase impulse sales, Foodservice Superstore offers a great selection of non-refrigerated display cases from top brands at great wholesale prices.

When you need to display your fresh donuts, cakes, bagels, breads, desserts, and pastries, bakery cases are a great solution for your foodservice establishment. We have a variety of styles and sizes, to match the decor of any store or establishment. The elegant curved glass design and large viewing area maximizes product presentation. The display cases are easy to clean, and easy to stock with rear sliding doors. Great for coffee shops, convenience stores, and other venues, countertop pastry cases are a great way to offer hungry patrons your selection of scones, donuts, bagels and other baked delights as they purchase their coffee or other items. Great for increasing impulse sales, we have a variety of countertop pastry cases to fit the needs and decor of any business.