Ventilation is an important aspect of commercial kitchens. Because the space is confined and usually hot, it's necessary to control the airflow and keep a constant supply of fresh air coming into your establishment, while channeling the stale, hot air outside. Foodservice Superstore offers great products to keep your ventilation system working smoothly and the air in your establishment clean and fresh.

Choosing the best ventilation filters for your commercial kitchen depends on the type of hood you have, how much cooking you do, and the size of your kitchen. Our filters provide maximum protection against rust and corrosion and allows constant grease run-off into collection troughs. Keeping your commercial kitchen and other areas of your establishment filled with fresh air is important to the health of your staff and your patrons. Keeping your ventilation system working smoothly helps prevent mold and growth of bacteria. Especially businesses without a lot of open windows, your ventilation system, range hoods, and filters all need to be maintained and regulated.

We sell top brands like FMP to bring you the finest products to keep your restaurant, kitchen, healthcare facility, office building, and other businesses clean and cool. Foodservice Superstore is here to help you do just that, at great prices!