Heated Display Cases

One easy way to increase your impulse sales is by keeping your signature sandwiches, baked goods, and deli dishes in a heated display case. Keep all of your items displayed, hot and ready for sale in your restaurant, bakery, deli or grocery store. Foodservice Superstore offers a great selection of heated display cases from top brands like Federal Industries, Alto-Shaam, Star Manufacturing, Vollrath, Hatco, and more that will display your hot food items to your customers.

Foodservice Superstore offers a great selection of heated countertop cases with curved or straight glass design. They have a digitally controlled thermostat that provides precise, consistent performance for sophisticated presentation of sandwiches, fried chicken, barbecue, and other hot items. Heated floor cases are great for grocery stores and delis that want to display breads, deli food items, chicken, side dishes, and other heated items.

Designed for convenient access, fast service, and attractive merchandising of all kinds of products, our selection of pizza display cases are built of high quality materials that's ready to display your pizza, pretzels, chicken, pastries, bagels, hot sandwiches, ribs, and more. Designed for constant use and reliability, our pizza display cases will hold your food products at the perfect temperature much longer than other more traditional methods. They are a beautiful option for foodservice operations and retail outlets. These displays will keep your products hot, while increasing sales because they are easily accessed by your customers.