FMP 225-1010: Fry Basket w/ Front Hook, 13-1/4" x 5-3/4" x 5-3/2"

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FMP's 225-1010 rectangular fry basket features a front hook and fits many Frymaster, Garland and Star fryer models. Durable and economically priced, this basket is made of high quality, nickel plated steel. Fits Frymaster fryer models: BIH152, BIH252, BIH352, BIH452, BIH52, BIH552, BIPH14, BIPH252/255, BIPH352/355, BIPH452/455, BIPH52/55, BIPH552, BIRE14, D50, D50G, D50GDD, FH150, FMH50, FM35, FM45, FM47, FPH150, FPH17, FPH17SC, FPH50, FPPH217, FPPH355-SC, FPPH355CSD, FPPH455-SC, GF14, GF14-SD, GF40, H14, H14 Naval, H14 Sub, H14SC, H17, H17 Naval, H17SC, H22, H22 Naval, H22SC, H50, H55, J2X, JBIH252, MH152, MH252, MH352, MH452, MH52, MH552, MJH150, MJH50, MJ35, MJ35G, MJ45, MJ47, MPH14, MPH152/155, MPH252/255, MPH352/355, MPH452/455, MPH52/55, MRE14, PH155CSD, PMJ35, PRO SERIES, SM20, SM40, SM50, SR42, SR52, TB14. Fits Garland fryer models: 35-280, 35-40, 35-50. Fits Star fryer models: EM14, EM14DL, EM40, EM40DL, M14, M14D, M14DL, M43.


Manufacturer FMP
Model Number 225-1010
Dimensions 13-1/4" x 5-3/4" x 5-3/2" H
Material Nickel Plated
Weight 2.615 lbs.

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FMP 225-1010: Fry Basket w/ Front Hook, 13-1/4" x 5-3/4" x 5-3/2"

  • Mfg. Model #: 225-1010
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$21.17 each

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Product Features

  • Made of high quality, nickel plated steel
  • Features a front hook
  • Standard -1/4" mesh