FMP 226-1003: 28" Stainless Fryer Clean-Out Rod

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The 226-1003 fryer clean-out rod from FMP is made for cleaning out clogged fryer drains. Made of stainless steel. Fits Frymaster fryer models: BIH152, BIH252, BIH352, BIH452, BIH52, BIH552, BIPH14, BIPH252/255, BIPH352/355, BIPH452/455, BIPH52/55, BIPH552, BIRE14, CFD50, CFD60, CFD80, D20, D50, D50G, D50GDD, D60, D80, EH1721, FH150, FMCFE, FMCFEC, FMH50, FM35, FM345, FM47, FPD65, FPHD265, FPHD365, FPHD465, FPHD565, FPHD665, FPH150, FPH17, FPH17SC, FPH317CSD, FPH50, FPPH217, FPPH355-SC, FPPH355CSD, FPPH455-SC, FPRE217SD, GF14, GF14-SD, GF40, HD150, HD260, H14, H14 Naval, H14 Sub, H14SC, H17, H17 Naval, H17SC, H22, H22 Naval, H22SC, H50, H55, JBIH252, JCFX, J3F, J65X, KFC18E, KJ3FC, MH152, MH252, MH352, MH452, MH52, MH552, MJCF, MJCFE, MJCFEC, MJCFESD, MJH150, MJH350CSD, MJH50, MJH50CSD, MJ35, MJ345E, MJ45, MJ45E, MJ47, MPH14, MPH152/155, MPH252/255, MPH352/355, MPH452/455, MPH52/55, MRE14, PH155CSD, PMJ35, PRO SERIES, Super Runner 52, SCFD250G-RTI, SCFD50, SCFD60, SCFD80, SCFHD160, SCFHD260, SCFHD360, SCFHD456, SCFHD460, SCFHD60, SM20, SM220, SM35, SM40, SM50, SM60, SM80, SR114E, SR38, SR42, SR52, SR62, TC25, WFP347ECSE, 18UE, 2836 w/o Float Switch. Fits Imperial fryer models: IF, IF-BL SERIES, IF-25, IF-75, IFS-40, IFS-50, IRFS-40, IRFS-50, IFS-25, IFS-40, IFST-25, IFSSP-250C. Fits Pitco fryer models: E12, E14, E14B, E14X, E18, E18B, E400, E400T, E500D, E7, E7B, MEII, ME2, SEBNB14, SEBNB18, SEH50, SE14, SE14R, SE14T, SE14TR, SE14TX, SE14X, SE147, SE148X, SE18, SE18R, SE18S, SE714, SFSE14, SFSE14R, SFSE14T, SFSE14TR, SFSE14TX, SFSE14X, SFSE18, SFSE18R, SGC, SGH50, SGM1824, SGM24, SGM34, SGSEBNB-14, SGSEBNB-18, SG14, SG14DI, SG14-JS, SG14R, SG14RDI, SG14RS, SG14S-D, SG14T, SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI, SG18F, SG18S, SG18S-D, SSH55, SSH75, 35C+, 45C+, E14, E14S, E7, E7S, F14, F18, PR14, PR14S-CV, SFSG14, SF14UFM, SG14, SG14-S, SG14R, SG14T, SG18, SG18-JS, SG18S, SSH75, 12, 12C, 12CSS, 14, 14B-C, 14C+S, 14R-CV, 14RS-HHQ, 14S, 14S-CV, 14UFM, 18, 18S, 18UFM, 2-SG14C-S/FD, 2-14S-C/UFM, 3-SG14S-C/FD, 3-14S-C/UFM, 7UFM. Fits Pitco pasta cooker models: PG14, PG14D, PG14D-C, PG14D-CM, PG14DSS-TM. Fits Vulcan fryer models: GRC35F, GRC45F, GRC65F, GRC85F, GRD35F, GRD45F, GRD65F, GRD85F, GRS35F, GRS45F, GRS65F, GRS85F, GR35F, GR45F, GR65F, GR85F, 1GRC35, 1GRC45, 1GRC65, 1GRD35, 1GRD45, 1GRD65, 1GRS35, 1GRS45, 1GRS65, 1GRS85, 1GR45C, 1GR45D, 1GR45M, 1GR65C, 1GR65D, 1GR65M, 1GR85C, 1GR85D, 1GR85M, TK45, TK45SS, 2GRC65, 2GRC85, 2GRS35, 2GRS85, 3GR65MF, 7892G9.


Manufacturer FMP
Model Number 226-1003
Weight 0.5 lbs.

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FMP 226-1003: 28" Stainless Fryer Clean-Out Rod

  • Mfg. Model #: 226-1003
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