Facility Maintenance

Keeping your restaurant, school, workshop or commercial kitchen clean and running smoothly is essential for any successful business. Every business has need of some maintenance supplies, that may or may not be used on a regular basis. Foodservice Superstore is your one-stop-shop for all the facility maintenance supplies you need in your business. We offer top name brands like Rubbermaid, Front of the House, FMP, Teknor Apex, and many others.

We offer a large number of laundry supplies of all types like clothes hooks, housekeeping carts, etc. Keeping your lighting protected and in working order is extremely vital for any business. Our bulb guards protect your light bulbs from breaks and selection of light bulbs and other lighting is extensive. Don't forget the packaging supplies, things like tape, twine, and more. Restaurants, bars, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and other businesses will need supplies to make sure packages get sent properly and securely. We make sure you have all the products you need at low, wholesale prices!

We carry a wide selection of water hoses and nozzles to handle all of your outdoor cleaning tasks like washing down patios, sidewalks, windows, or water plants. All of our products at Foodservice Superstore are designed to make your life easier, and meet the needs and challenges of every foodservice establishment.